The Sloan Digital Sky Survey Expands Its Reach

With the start of SDSS-IV this July, the Sloan Digital Sky Survey is entering a new and exciting phase of exploring the Universe. We’ve imaged 1/3 of the sky and taken over 3 million spectra, but we haven’t explored beyond the centers of nearby galaxies, haven’t mapped the Universe between 3 and 7 billion years after the Big Bang, and haven’t studied the part of the Milky Way that is only visible from the Southern Hemisphere. Well, that all changes starting now! We have a press release today featuring the science of SDSS-IV and including a fantastic video by John Parejko illustrating how SDSS takes all that data (hint: it starts with a lot of work in the daytime and continues with a lot of work in the nighttime).


One thought on “The Sloan Digital Sky Survey Expands Its Reach

  1. Amazing data from SDSS III has been reported by Joydeep Bagshi and others from the Pune, India, Group, in the Tallinn iau 308 meeting on Zeldovich and the cosmic web. A SuperSuperVoid on scales 2×10^25 meters is reported, but is not mentioned on the current SDSS website. Why not?

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