SDSS Tweep of the Week – Karen Masters

This week is the 2014 SDSS Collaboration Meeting which is happening in Park City, Utah. The @SDSSurveys twitter account will be “taken over” this week by Dr. Karen Masters from the Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation at the University of Portsmouth.

Karen is the first ever “SDSS Tweep of the Week” – a new idea to give the SDSS Twitter account over to collaboration members for week long stints. We don’t expect to fill every week this way, but look out on the blog for introductions to future “Tweeps” from the more than 200 scientists involved in SDSS from all over the world.

As our SDSS Director of Education and Public Engagement, Karen is the ideal guinea pig for this plan. Karen is also a science team member of the @MangaSurvey part of SDSS so expect to hear a lot from MaNGA parallel sessions during this week.

Dr. Karen Masters

Dr. Karen Masters – SDSS Director of EPO and a member of the MaNGA Science Team

If you’re a SDSS Collaboration Member reading this and interested to sign up for a week please visit the Twitter Schedule on the Wiki (password protected site).

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