SDSS Has Now Been Used by Over 5,000 Refereed Papers

There are now more than 5000 refereed papers that mention ‘SDSS’ or ‘Sloan’+’Survey’ in the title or abstract. These papers in turn have themselves been cited over 200,000 times. See for a detailed list.

These numbers are certainly an undercount as they do not include papers that do not explicitly refer to SDSS in the title or abstract. For example, a paper that used used SDSS data to generate target lists or comparison/calibration photometry may not have mentioned SDSS in the title or abstract.

Based on this set of 5000 papers, SDSS’s h number is 177 (177 papers with more than 177 citations), its g number is 322 (the average number of citations of the 322 most highly cited papers is 322), and it now has led to 409 papers with at least 100 or more citations.

In 2012, over 600 published papers alone refered to SDSS.

This search was made possible by the Astrophysical Data Service. For some related statistics and inspiration see Madrid and Macchetto, 2009, BAAS 41, 913 and Savaglio and Grothkpof, 2012, PASP, in press

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