BOSS scientists at APO

The BOSS collaboration has now finished their meeting in Cloudcroft, which included several trips to nearby Apache Point Observatory to see the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) in action (and even help with observations). We include below a series of photos (taken by Emmanuel Rollinde from IAP) showing the BOSS scientists getting to grips with BOSS and the SDSS telescope

BOSS scientist hard at work at the Lodge in Clouldcroft

Of to work at APO; hard nights of observing in front of them!

First, need to get a plate (on top) to observe, which are installed in cartridges (one seen at the bottom)

Next, mark where all the fibers go in the plate holes

Plug the fibers in the holes, and then you're ready

Stephen Bailey in front of the SDSS telescope before it is opened

Fill up the (green) BOSS spectrographs with liquid nitrogen to keep the detectors cool during the night

As the sun sets, open the telescope and prepare to start taking spectra

Finally, we provide below two video showing the APO observers and BOSS scientists getting ready for a nights fun. Thanks to Emmanuel Rollinde and Stephanie Snedden for them.



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