SDSS in Prague?

No, not a location suggestion for the next SDSS-III collaboration meeting but an observation by SDSS-III scientist Eyal Kazin (NYU) who was shocked to encounter the SDSS at the Stefanik Observatory on a recent trip to visit friends. He writes:

They display astronomy in general, and cosmology in particular, and I was very happy to see that SDSS is recognized in association with galaxy mapping. I just wanted to share with you the photo I took. You can see the 2.5m telescope, as well as a pie chart created, I believe, by Michael Blanton, as well as the Sloan-Great wall.

One thought on “SDSS in Prague?

  1. In fact, that pie chart was the one made lo these many years ago by Max Tegmark. You can tell, because the blue galaxies are colored red and the red galaxies colored blue! 🙂

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